The Montauk Project: Meteorology

At the Easternmost point of New York State last week, we travelled under strange skies and sudden storms.

3 Responses to "The Montauk Project: Meteorology"
  1. bonnie says:

    Hello, BIB!

    First – amazing storm pictures. Wow.


    I think that you had, at one point, left a comment on my blog saying something about having some curiousity about kayaking?

    Well, we are in the height of free or inexpensive paddling season & I did a post today with a whole slew of links to places where you can get your feet (and more) wet.

  2. I don’t suppose you got out to Plum Island and poked around Lab 257 at all? ;)

  3. BIB says:

    Lab 257?? That sounds awesome. Tell us more…

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