The Rolling (Landfill) Hills of Southern Brooklyn


kinloch-d700-06-08-13-file91This weekend I got to wander a Brooklyn landscape that resembled my old Suffolk home more than anywhere else I’ve seen this side of the pond — and it used to be a huge garbage landfill site. Gentle hills, empty trails, butterflies and wild flowers are all part of the newly restored Pen Park, just yards from the Belt Parkway. Thanks to the Jamaica Bay Greenway Coalition for setting up the trip, and to NYCDEP for access and the guided walk around the site.

“Where once was visible garbage, native little bluestem and other grasses wave in the winds off the water. Small plantings of cedars, oaks and pine trees are beginning to thrive. Osprey are nesting along the shoreline. Gravel roads circle the shoreline of the landfills and run to their summit, offering extraordinary 360-degree views of the Manhattan skyline to the Atlantic Ocean.” From The Regional Plan Association.

The ride down was organized by 5BBC who also recently took us to the bridge that saved a nation.



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Creature Feature: Panda Sweethearts

This past weekend I got to hang out with Prospect Park Zoo’s new red pandas, the lady Mei Lin and Qin, her suitor. Qin is still trying to convince Mei Lin of how insanely adorable he is**, but we’re convinced she’ll come around in time for Valentine’s Day.

February, by the way, is a nice, peaceful time to visit the Zoo. The chillier weather thins out the visitors, so you get more quality time with the residents.

**Per the PPZ release: “When Mei Lin is sleeping, he’ll sometimes just watch her, and when she wakes up, he’ll gently extend his paw in her direction.”

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This Week: Animal Lifestyles

The furry, feathery, and four-legged residents of New York City are taking over BIB this week. The creature features will also be available as desktop wallpaper, sized to fit your computer screens. First entrant coming up…