Kentile Floors Again


The Gowanus landmark is hard to resist. 

2 Responses to "Kentile Floors Again"
  1. Bunsai says:

    This sign is more than just a sign. It is filled with a million or more stories. My father worked Kentile as a cleaning man for over 30 years. I came from a family of 7. My mother stayed home and took care of us. She became ill rather suddently and my father took on her job, but still somehow faithfully went to work every single day. In thirty years my father was absent less than 10 days. Amazon…truly amazing. It was his escape I guess. He could not read nor write, but Ms. Kennedy the wife of Arthur Kennedy the founder, saw a good hardworking man and hired my father anyway. He was forever grateful. I was just sitting here, looking at my father’s 30 year pin that he show so proudly, when he had a drink or two…LOL…and just decided to see the place again. I am 54 yrs old now and whenever I ride pass that old sign…I smile ear to ear…I say a silent little prayer…forever let it stand…That sign is just like Peyton Place…so many stories…so many. This one is just mines. Thought I share it. Got one?

  2. Katherine Riley says:

    Can I please use your story for my feature article for the newspaper I am interning for "Brooklyn Today" ( Please get back to me ASAP.

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