Inauguration: Watching from NYC

I watched the swearing-in of  Barack Obama with a small crowd in Foley Square in Lower Manhattan.

UPDATE: Could not resist adding more shots. See below for extras.


6 Responses to "Inauguration: Watching from NYC"
  1. Simone B says:

    Seeing your incredible pictures brought me to tears! This is getting sent round to all my friends! Thank you for allowing us to share these intimate moments. Wow. Your shots are amazing! I felt like I was there. Back in Blighty, we say you’re in the country that will change the world! I believe it. Such hope in those photos. Wowwwwwww x

  2. HA says:

    Amazing captures.

  3. lisanne says:

    Amazing photos, you truly captured how chilling the moment was. It’s like we are out of prison….hopefully!
    I too will be sending these to friends around the world.

  4. Joy says:

    Impressive photographs–love the blog

  5. tc says:

    nice work, Adrian! i didn’t know that you’d be there, too. i hope to have some of my pics uploaded soon.

  6. A says:

    Wow! You really captured some amazing moments! I absolutely love the second picture from the top.

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