Ed Park in Brooklyn

400_2008_DSC_0640.jpg"But [Pru] has to go to the parties, and the parties are now in Brooklyn. She has no conception of how the neighborhoods fit together, which trains go where. The directions are elaborate, vaguely ritualistic. She writes them down and fears losing them. She tries to memorize them but can’t. She keeps them in her coat pocket and refers to them repeatedly on the subway, shading the scrap of paper with her hand. Broadcasting your outsider status could be fatal. Stay in the last car. When you exit the station, take the staircase on the right. Walk three blocks north toward the big clock, staying on the west side of the street. The deli should be on your left. If you see the laundromat, you’re going the wrong way. Pru says, It should be Walk three blocks and say your prayers."

The brilliant and dashing Ed Park was in Brooklyn this evening to read from his hilarious debut novel, Personal Days, at the Barnes & Noble on Court Street. Do yourself a wonderful favour and order the book. You can also visit the Personal Days website (designed by yours truly!) and Ed’s blog, The Dizzies.

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