Discarded Cars on a Beach

Brooklyn has many beaches, each with their own special qualities. The Marine Park Salt Marsh Center is close to our manor, wedged between Flatbush and Gerritsen Avenue just after Avenue U. As you walk along Gerritsen Beach you begin to realize that there are cars spread all along the water’s edge in various stages of decay. Some are buried up to their axels in sand with the top halves rusted away altogether. You can make out the remains of steering wheels and seats where the waves lap, or see complete but burnt and rusted carcasses in the reeds. I am looking for volunteers to accompany me on a return visit to try and identify the manufacturers and ages of these remains.

Believe it or not I do find this a beautiful place to walk, with wide views across the water and bracing winds whipping up the surf. There’s something special about feeling so remote and isolated just a few steps from Flatbush Avenue.

One Response to "Discarded Cars on a Beach"
  1. Jeffrey J Smith NewYork says:

    Not THESE cars (yuck) in the late 50’s and early 60’s you could find big olds, Pontiacs, Mopars and even an ocasional Cadillac
    many with big WORKING engines free for the taking….

    But thecars they got now? as above yuck-

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