Ditmas Park: Three Strikes

  On Friday we had an impressive storm move in from the west.


More snow in Ditmas Park

  We missed the last big snow storm as we were out of town. Today’s precipitation caused less trouble.


  “…the heaviest snow is expected between 8am and noon…accumulations will range from 2 to 4 inches…”Not enough yet to stop this jogger just now. There is a wonderful collection of Wilson A. Bentley’s snow crystal photographs over at The Buffalo Museum of Science. For an in depth look at how snow crystals grow you […]

Dark Skies Over Downtown

   More storms building up over downtown Brooklyn last night, seen here from Flatbush and 6th Avenue.

The Montauk Project: Meteorology

  At the Easternmost point of New York State last week, we travelled under strange skies and sudden storms.

Prospect Storm

  Just minutes before I took this shot I was enjoying the sun at the Brooklyn Blogade Picnic. Dave of Dope on the Slope and Brenda of A Year in the Park hosted this month’s get together, which included new bloggers and a vast spread of snacks.

Sunday Storm

  There was a great view of this afternoon’s storm from Governors Island. 

A Large Cloud Over Brooklyn

  A place where church spires are still some of the tallest buildings. 

Strke 2: Wind Damage With More Lightning Over Brooklyn

  Another amazing lightning show took place over Brooklyn tonight. High winds also ripped this branch off onto a car on St Johns place.

Park Slope Strike

  We got caught out in the lightning tonight.