Standing By: Snow Ploughs

  Snow-ready dustbin lorries on Grand Army Plaza this afternoon.

4th Avenue: Traffic Control

  A piece of NYC street furniture that makes clicking sounds at the zebra crossings.

Critical Lords: Bikes are alright in London

 Law Lords in London have scuppered police attempts to outlaw the Critical Mass ride there, reports the Guardian. As in the New York City ride, there are no leaders or set route. This means that section 11 of the UK Public Order Act 1986, which requires six days notice of public processions plus names and […]

Bikers Beware: Check Your Bike Before You Ride

 It has been a frightful time for local cyclists, with the recent deaths of eight-year-old Zander Toulouse and 50-year-old Jonathan Millstein. We need eyes everywhere when we ride —  don’t trust any vehicle to behave as it should. Remember that you can be at risk before you even get on your bike. Last night, someone had […]

Grand Designs

  An open day tomorrow, September 13th, launches the exhibition of the winning designs in the Reinventing Grand Army Plaza competition. Events start at 11am and go on until 4pm around the arch.  You will also be able to place your vote in the Peoples Choice Award.

Summer Streets: 7 Miles of Manhattan Car Free!

  Today was the second  Summer Streets event where Park Avenue was closed to cars from Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park.  Next Saturday, August the 23rd, is the last chance to take part in the experiment.

Keeping Cool in Coney: Bike Solutions

  This bike has a double drive train. The owner told me one is for making the bike move, and the other is for the old car alternator which charges the two huge batteries. It is this electrical power that drives the on-board stereo system.