8 Bit Brooklyn

  Blip Festival 2008, took place this weekend at the Bell House. 8 Bit Music is where “Archaic game and home computer hardware is recast into the unlikely role of musical instrument…”. I managed to catch sets from Nullsleep and Cow’p (above).  

Keeping Cool in Coney: Bike Solutions

  This bike has a double drive train. The owner told me one is for making the bike move, and the other is for the old car alternator which charges the two huge batteries. It is this electrical power that drives the on-board stereo system.

Brooklyn Blogade: Waffles and Warmth

  Today was Clinton Hill’s turn in the ongoing Brooklyn blogade tour. Thanks to our fabulous host Robin (centre) for the organisation and perfect choice of venue, and to the good people of the Frank White Cafe who provided a dazzling parade of waffles in a warm and friendly atmosphere. A Sunday breakfast there is […]

Ok, We’re Settled In

 After nearly two weeks of blog technical hassles we can get on with taking pictures and posting again. Don’t forget to add the new feed on the left to your readers, and thanks again if you’ve been trying to keep up with all the blog changes recently. I feel a desktop day special is due…