For Labor Day weekend: J’Ouvert

In the early hours of Labor Day, well before the sun comes up the J’ouvert party gets underway. The pictures here are a selection from my shots of the ’07 and ’08 parties.

Atlantics Yards on Stage

 Drawing inspiration from interviews conducted around the Atlantic Yards footprint, Brooklyn at Eye Level is a take on the Atlantic Yards story through theater, dance and music. The Civilians Theater Company will be performing the show at the Brooklyn Lyceum this week. I got to sit in on an early rehearsal to shoot it, and […]

Election Night, Park Slope


End of Summer

  Fall officially started at 11:44 this morning. Yesterday, as the sun set on the last full day of summer, the Coney Island Tattoo & Motorcycle Show came to life. It felt like a ritual celebration of the seasonal change. 

J’Ouvert: Carnival Day Starts in Brooklyn

  J’Ouvert is the procession of steel bands that opens carnival day.  It starts in the early hours of the morning and goes on through sunrise. There’s no amplification or sound systems, and the parade is much more open and accessible than the daytime carnival.


The Battel [stet] of Gowanus: Kaiju at The Yard

  On Saturday afternoon, a most happy and delirious spectacle by the banks of the Gowanus Canal. Not only did The Yard treat us to the excellent “Japanese action comic punk” combo Peelander-Z, we also got to see the cage-fighting monsters of Kaiju Big Battel.

30 Second Life: Q and A with Greg Reitman

  Recently I got to take a stroll around 4th Avenue with Greg Reitman, producer of the video blog 30 Second Life. Greg posts a video of Park Slope life every few days and sets each piece to music. Brit in Brooklyn: What made you decide to start 30 Second Life? I’ve started quite a few blogs over […]


Fighting at Beer Island, Coney Island

  Last night we watched the New York Fire and Police Departments go head to head at Beer Island.

Keeping Cool in Coney: Waves

  No air-conditioning required.