New Bridge Crossing, New Jersey

The Bridge that “Saved a Nation”

  Today we rode the bone-shaker over to historic New Bridge Landing in New Jersey. The Five Borough Bicycle Club had arranged the ride to the spot where in 1776 a small crossing made possible the safe retreat of Washington’s army from the pursuing British.

Top Withins, Yorkshire

Out of Town: Top Withins

If one rambles for a couple of hours out of Haworth across the moor you eventually come to Top Withins


Out of Town: When in Rome

  Some images from our recent trip to Italy.

Out of Town: Service to Resume Shortly

  We are back in Brooklyn after a trip south. Happy New Year!

The Montauk Project: Mushrooms

  Considering the baking sunshine, and time of year, it was a surprise to find such a wide variety of fungus growing by the trails in Hither Woods. The specimen above had what looked like nostrils which even ran authentically with some unknown ooze.

The Montauk Project: Meteorology

  At the Easternmost point of New York State last week, we travelled under strange skies and sudden storms.

Ed Park in Brooklyn

 "But [Pru] has to go to the parties, and the parties are now in Brooklyn. She has no conception of how the neighborhoods fit together, which trains go where. The directions are elaborate, vaguely ritualistic. She writes them down and fears losing them. She tries to memorize them but can’t. She keeps them in her […]

Back in Britain: Hackney


Post-Game Wrap-Up

                                      Though at this moment the Lady BIB is suffering acid flashbacks to the devastating Super Bowl XXV, we are so happy for this guy right now. Thanks to O’Connors for the delicious chili and fine company. […]

Out of Town: The White Christmas

  Taking a break in Western New York.