Harbor Blast: On Assignment with the Army Corps of Engineers

I was lucky enough to be on assignment this week covering the Corps as they worked around New York Harbor. From blast barges to hi-tech sonar tracking ships these people work day in day out to keep the crucial shipping arteries around our city safe. More pics here >

Creature Feature: Panda Sweethearts

  This past weekend I got to hang out with Prospect Park Zoo’s new red pandas, the lady Mei Lin and Qin, her suitor. Qin is still trying to convince Mei Lin of how insanely adorable he is**, but we’re convinced she’ll come around in time for Valentine’s Day. February, by the way, is a […]

New Report Out: Is NYC Losing its Middle Class?

 The Center for an Urban Future just published a major report, Reviving the City of Aspiration, with a cover photo from yours truly. The report explores whether New York City can continue to sustain looks at “alarming trends on outmigration of middle class families and professionals, wage stagnation across the five boroughs and erosions of […]

Inauguration: Watching from NYC

  I watched the swearing-in of  Barack Obama with a small crowd in Foley Square in Lower Manhattan. UPDATE: Could not resist adding more shots. See below for extras.