Liminal Walk: Beaches & Bunkers

  Today we took a walk around the bunkers of Fort Tilden and along the beach at Rockaway.


Gerritsen Beach at Night

  I managed to get this shot just as the tide started quickly swelling the creek. Its part of the ongoing Liminal Project to photograph the edges of the city.

Spring Creek Park

Pictures of Hendrix Creek

  Hendrix Creek runs from Flatlands Avenue out under the Shore Parkway into Jamaica Bay. A DEP restoration project is currently underway to dredge away over 70 years of combined sewage outflow sediment. The project is due for completion in late summer this year.


Sheepshead Bay


Staten Island Trip

Scenes from Seaview Hospital

  Here are some more photos from our recent trip to Staten Island to see the derelict grounds of Seaview Hospital, a former tuberculosis sanatorium, and the Farm Colony poorhouse. Both are designated historic districts. UPDATE: Photos of “Dad’s Place” in the basement.

Staten Island Trip

Dad’s Place, Staten Island

  Seaview Hospital on Staten Island was once a tuberculosis center and an insane asylum. We spent some time exploring the vast grounds on Sunday. Under the building pictured above was a large basement, from which a doorway led to another chamber too dark to explore. The door was labelled Dad’s Place. More scenes from […]


Obscura Day at Coney Island Creek

  Yesterday was Obscura day and the kind folks at Underwater New York arranged a trip to one of our favorite photo locations. The creek was literally crawling with photographers, writers and videographers, clambering amongst rotting ships and over toxic sludge.


Paths of the Salt Marsh

  One never knows where paths may lead when taking a liminal photography walk in Brooklyn. Strolling inland from the creek at Marine park takes one past all manner of discarded parts of city life.


Gotham Avenue

  Gotham and Gerritsen Avenue, Brooklyn.


Discarded Cars on a Beach

  Brooklyn has many beaches, each with their own special qualities. The Marine Park Salt Marsh Center is close to our manor, wedged between Flatbush and Gerritsen Avenue just after Avenue U. As you walk along Gerritsen Beach you begin to realize that there are cars spread all along the water’s edge in various stages of decay. […]