Top Withins, Yorkshire

Out of Town: Top Withins

If one rambles for a couple of hours out of Haworth across the moor you eventually come to Top Withins

Brit Photographers Get Intimidated Too

  There’s an interesting article in the Torygraph about photographers in the UK being harassed by all manner of security personnel. In April 2006, I took the above picture of the 2012 Olympic construction, which is now policed — overzealously, it would seem — by the Orwellian-sounding Olympic Delivery Authority. My old home town of […]

4th Ave ‘Clover’ Coffee, $3; London Dung Coffee, $100

 Earlier in the week I popped down to the new coffee place on 4th and Carroll to try the $3-a-cup brew from the $11,000 Clover coffee maker (left), one of only a few hundred in the country. I have to say it tasted very good — strong yet light — and it gave me a […]

Back in Britain: Hackney