The Thing in Williamsburg: Zenith System 3

 A visit to the vast Williamsburg junk shop known as The Thing rewarded me with some inspiring yet perplexing album art.  A boat on TV. But what’s that ghostly flame at the top right corner of the screen? Clown on TV. Does he reach out in appeal or accusation? Track listing: Our Spanish is pretty much non-existent, […]

Pena’s Food Market

  On Vanderbilt Avenue.

Obama or ASPCA

  Right across the street from the cat pumpkin (above) was the most deeply moving local signage of all time (below). Puppies and kitties for Obama! The championship title for Most Deeply Moving Local Signage of All Time was snatched away the following morning (below). The Lady BIB got a bag of yummy cookies at […]

Obama on Van Brunt

  The house with the best views in Brooklyn has acquired a great paint job.

The Future of Coney Island

  Visitors looked a little lost outside the gates of Astroland today, peering through the fence and taking pictures under the entrance sign. I also noticed the banners (which also feature in the Coney Island Development Corporation newsletter), designed to “showcase iconic neighborhood landmarks.” The baseball banner, for example, hangs next to where all the batting […]


   Hexachrome Cyan in Sunset Park.

Signs I Like: Block Party

  A nice example of a hand made 3D rotating sign that uses recycled trash. Photographed in Park Slope.

Monkey Business

  I was pleased to see the giant blue gorilla tonight, still shouting silently at the BQE from Hamilton and 16th.

Brush Up Business

  Impressive painted signage seen on West Broadway and Chambers Street this afternoon.