Brownstones and White Trees

  On St Johns Place this afternoon.

Prospect Park After Dark

  It was ever-so cold last night.

Atlantics Yards on Stage

 Drawing inspiration from interviews conducted around the Atlantic Yards footprint, Brooklyn at Eye Level is a take on the Atlantic Yards story through theater, dance and music. The Civilians Theater Company will be performing the show at the Brooklyn Lyceum this week. I got to sit in on an early rehearsal to shoot it, and […]

Autumn Sunshine in Park Slope

  Taken on St Johns Place on the way to the office this morning.

Park Slope Mummy

  It’s still scary in this nabe.

Election Night, Park Slope


Today’s To-Do List

  A couple of reminders from the residents of Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Obama or ASPCA

  Right across the street from the cat pumpkin (above) was the most deeply moving local signage of all time (below). Puppies and kitties for Obama! The championship title for Most Deeply Moving Local Signage of All Time was snatched away the following morning (below). The Lady BIB got a bag of yummy cookies at […]

Brooklyn Sky: Reduction

  Looks like another condo has gone up since I was last on the roof. This is in the direction of 4th Avenue.

Bikers Beware: Check Your Bike Before You Ride

 It has been a frightful time for local cyclists, with the recent deaths of eight-year-old Zander Toulouse and 50-year-old Jonathan Millstein. We need eyes everywhere when we ride —  don’t trust any vehicle to behave as it should. Remember that you can be at risk before you even get on your bike. Last night, someone had […]