For Labor Day weekend: J’Ouvert

In the early hours of Labor Day, well before the sun comes up the J’ouvert party gets underway. The pictures here are a selection from my shots of the ’07 and ’08 parties.


Gerritsen Beach at Night

  I managed to get this shot just as the tide started quickly swelling the creek. Its part of the ongoing Liminal Project to photograph the edges of the city.


July 4th: Coney Island USA

  Scorching heat could not keep the crowds away from the boardwalk on this patriotic afternoon.


Occupy Brooklyn

 The Occupy Brooklyn march took place this afternoon with stops along the way at Metro Tech, Atlantic Yards and Fulton Mall. During these breaks the marchers were given information on how the developments came into being. Daniel Goldstein spoke about Atlantic Yards, outside the Ratner shopping center. An Occupy Wall Street surprise for Brooklyn was […]


Occupy Wall Street Journal: Poster Edition Launched in Brooklyn

 The OWS newspaper launched a beautiful poster edition today during the Occupy Brooklyn march. You can see just a small selection of the work here. More posters at occuprint.org but it’s really worth getting a copy of the print newspaper as well—it’s a keeper.


End of Summer

  From a recent trip to Plumb Beach, Brooklyn.

Car crushed on East 18th Street

Not so lucky: Crushed cars in Ditmas Park

  As Irene moved away, amongst the many fallen trees and occasional damaged street furniture, there was bad news for some people.





Ditmas Park: Three Strikes

  On Friday we had an impressive storm move in from the west.


Abstract Botanic

  There so much to see this time of year at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Despite being nestled in between Flatbush and Washington avenues  it is wonderfully quiet during the week.