Car crushed on East 18th Street

Not so lucky: Crushed cars in Ditmas Park

  As Irene moved away, amongst the many fallen trees and occasional damaged street furniture, there was bad news for some people.





Ditmas Park: Three Strikes

  On Friday we had an impressive storm move in from the west.

Surrealism in Ditmas Park

Surrealism show in Ditmas Park

  This interpretation of Easter, a chance encounter presumably influenced by the work of Isidore Lucien Ducasse with echoes of Holbein the Younger, is currently on show at Foster Avenue between East 18th and 19th.

Ditmas Park Beaglemobile

  Here is the official Beaglemobile as seen this afternoon on Argyle Road. The vehicle is run by Beagle and Potts, the Institute for Higher Woodworking.

High Tudor

  This high-rise Tudor flat can be seen on Caton and Ocean Avenue.

Lightning Strike Ditmas Park

  Same window, different skies.

After the Tornado: Nice Light

  The skies over Ditmas Park really glowed this evening. So different from last night.  

At Last: Storms in Ditmas Park

  We got some amazing cloud displays over Brooklyn this afternoon, alongside some lightning and a bit of rain.