Obama on Van Brunt

  The house with the best views in Brooklyn has acquired a great paint job.

Signs I Like: Block Party

  A nice example of a hand made 3D rotating sign that uses recycled trash. Photographed in Park Slope.

5th Avenue Crush

 A cute Obama bage seen on an even cuter bag, 5th Avenue, Park Slope.

Do Rugs: On the BQE

  This sign was snapped from the BQE on the push-bike ride this weekend. 

Sign-a-rama Update: Historic Coney Sign Painted Over

  The B&B (Bishoff & Brienstein) Carousel ride was built in Brooklyn in 1919 and arrived on the Coney Island site in 1932. It included 49 hand-carved wooden horses by Brookyn’s own Charles Carmel. The ride has been in storage since 2005, when the city bought it from the McCullough family. While the horses patiently […]

Brothers Moving

  Some strong hand-painted typography on Atlantic and Underhill. View Larger Map

Midweek Autographica

  On 3rd Avenue and Bergen. 

Sunday Service

  On West 51st Street.