4th Ave ‘Clover’ Coffee, $3; London Dung Coffee, $100

400_2008_DSC_1450.jpgEarlier in the week I popped down to the new coffee place on 4th and Carroll to try the $3-a-cup brew from the $11,000 Clover coffee maker (left), one of only a few hundred in the country. I have to say it tasted very good — strong yet light — and it gave me a great fake rush (the process produces less caffeine per cup than basic filtering).

Should you think $3 is a lot for a coffee, avoid Caffe Raro: It’s produced from Kopi Luwak beans that have been eaten and, um, passed by an Asian palm civet (bottom), available to you the consumer at £324 ($640) a kilo. If you wish to sample a £50 cup on your British holiday, head over to Peter Jones in Sloane Square. Profits during April go to Macmillan Cancer Support.


5 Responses to "4th Ave ‘Clover’ Coffee, $3; London Dung Coffee, $100"
  1. Joyce H. says:

    Coffee passed by a civet and people paying loads of money to drink it. The world really has gone insane.

  2. So as an avid coffee drinker, I’ve been dying to try some joe from one of those Clover machines that are all the rage.

    But on the other hand, no matter what the justification is, I would not spend 50£ on a cup of poop coffee. This almost seems like a joke someone in Southeast Asia came up with to play a joke on the bourgeoisie – create hype for "caffe raro" and then convince the rich that it is sensible to pay that sort of price for a cup of shit java…

  3. Sparkmouse says:

    I dunno.. it is kind of cute

  4. BIB says:

    Yes – I think every coffee bar should have one.

  5. BeClover says:

    I am trying to compile a comprehensive list of locations that have Clover machine in place and collect as many recipes as possible. All the data is for public use, just to keep the Clover community going. I started with locations and have quite a few now. Would be great if someone could share recipes as well at http://www.beclover.com

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